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My Story


As a youngster I trained as a gymnast competing up to Elite level. I loved challenging my capabilities and pushed the physical limits.


I started my professional career as a contemporary ballet dancer. I lived and danced in NYC and did the odd television commercial, music video, print campaign, and catwalk show. During this time I developed issues with disordered eating.

Upon retiring from dance I was introduced to Yoga. After giving birth to my son I developed and lived with clinical post natal depression for a long time before it was diagnosed. During this time I began drinking to medicate myself. At a certain point my drinking became dysfunctional. My experience of the addictive cycle was horrific.

Eventually I was able to arrest the addictive cycle and commence my path of healing. Quality bio-medical healthcare, nutritional supplementation, Yoga, mindfulness meditation, and support from others were a big part of that process.

Realizing that Yoga and mindfulness practices were only a few of the many actions necessary to produce holistic health, I began studying and practicing many other health promotion strategies such as consistent self-care practices, clean living, food as medicine, fitness training, creative leisure, and spending time in Nature.

I have now healed myself from childhood trauma, an eating disorder, alcoholism, and chronic fatigue. Eventually I began teaching Yoga and helping others break their own addictive cycles and prevent relapse.


I am passionate about supporting others to find their way towards their health goals. There is nothing better than being a part of the transformation to greater wellbeing.

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