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Break-free from living the capitalist disease.

From an early age we are conditioned from capitalistic society to believe that our worth is determined by our physical attractiveness and financial success. Although we may understand theoretically that every human being is equal in the eyes of the Universe, and that our self-worth is actually determined by acting in accordance with our own personal ethics, living that truth eludes many.

In regards to health, this concept also comes into play. We often confuse thinness, with health. We don't eat, sleep, move, or play enough. We engage in the "rat race" chasing money only to achieve a frazzled state of existence with ever increasing negative health consequences. We sell our health for the destination-happiness that we have been sold.

Holistic health is a state of biological, psychological, social, and spiritual wellness. Many continue to live in severe mental or physical pain in order to look a certain way or achieve a certain goal which proves their worthiness in a society with warped values. You do not have to live like this. Health is your birthright!

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