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Your morning routine is a powerful tool!

The journey of increased holistic health is a broad, comprehensive, multi-faceted, and sometimes overwhelming path. As such, it helps to break it down into segments we can chew and chose a point of entry - in other words, a place to start taking action.

Physiological health starts with taking action around nutrition and exercise. Results are the product of consistently engaging in nutrient dense wholefoods eating, moderate yet challenging exercise, and sufficient quality sleep and relaxation.

For this post, we will narrow it down to nutrition in a morning protocol which supports balancing alkalinity, providing essential nutrients, boosting healthy gut bacteria, and activating hydrogen therapy to combat free-radicals and inflammation and promote cellular healing in every area of the body.

The essential supplements are:

1. Lemon juice

2. Unfiltered, preferably organic, apple cider vinegar with “The Mother”

3. Quality spirulina (preferably grown in cold clean waters)

4. Hydrogen tablets

5. Filtered water

6. Fish Oil and Vitamin D

If you drink coffee in the morning have that first. Coffee is best black as sugar and milk as we know are not beneficial to our health.

Start the morning supplementation protocol with filling a glass bottle with filtered drinking water and the juice of half a lemon, and then drop in the Hydrogen tablet and put the lid back on the bottle. Let this sit for approximately 15 minutes to build the hydrogen levels.

In a shot glass decant a couple of Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and add a teaspoon of spirulina (which should be kept in the refrigerator) and mix well. Shoot his down fast and rinse your mouth with water quickly to avoid unpleasantness of tase.

Take any vitamin or mineral supplements or medications at this time.

Drink the hydrogen water.

Eat breakfast. Just as a reminder, breakfast should include a little protein rather than ONLY simple sugars from carbohydrates and/or fruits. A green non-whey protein smoothie with healthy fats such as nuts or coconut oil is a very good option. This ensures you get fibre from some green vegetable matter such as kale, sprouts, or whatever, and sustained energy and mental focus from the protein and healthy fats.

The key is to be consistent with this EVERY MORNING and the key to making that happen is allocating the money and the time.

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