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Do you want to reclaim your vitality?

Most of us remember a time when we had a constant supply of vital energy. We would wake up with the sun and instantly be ready to get up and go. If this is still you, awesome! When I was a kid I remember enjoying this amount of vital energy every day. These days I only get to experience this state of being if I take all the self-care actions necessary to create it.

When we transfer from the stage of youth to a busy adult, our vital energy often decreases by way of age, overwork, lack of sleep, lack of proper nutrition, unmanageable levels of mental, physical, and environmental stress, exposure to toxins, and other factors.

For most of us this process happens quite gradually and we may not even noticing it happen until one day we are confronted with a intolerable lack of energy or health issue.

The first port of call, however, is often to a doctor who attempts to treat the symptoms you are experiencing rather than the cause of them, often with drugs which may upset the balance of the bodies holistic functioning. This may be helpful to arrest a downward spiral, but the danger is that as a result of systemic imbalance from the use of drugs other health issues will most likely arise. In addition, the cause of the original health issue will never be identified and dealt with.

The biological organism needs a balance between it's essential needs, what is required of it, and the amount of stress it experiences to create homeostasis and optimal health and energy. It is just not possible to live like a superhero on willpower while denying ourselves our basic needs. Well, maybe if we are still not legally and adult!

But here is the kicker: There are only 24 hours in a day, and if your schedule is back-to-back as with most adults in the modern world, something has gotta give. If you are experiencing ill-health, then you are going to need to re-prioritize what you do in each 24 hours. Most people do not want to do this. Theoretically they are willing to do more, but when push comes to shove the don't want to decrease working hours, spend more money on better food, say "no" to people who want their time, and the list goes on.

So many people settle for lives of low-quality energy, struggling to keep going, and intermittently using some sort of chemical or experience to supply dopamine, seratonin, or adrenaline to fell good for a short time.

So, if you want to improve your health and vital energy, you will most likely have to change your priorities. The truth is not always palatable, but if swallowed will often improve your life.

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